Lee Bowman

(don't use these are your primary resource for writing and APA - these are just reminders of the most often seen errors upon final proofreading)


  1. Align margins left with ragged right edges (do not justify margins in APA papers)
  2. In APA, use only one space after the ending punctuation of sentences.
  3. Double and triple check punctuation/spacing with authors' names and initials, and journal volume, issue, page numbers
  4. Double and triple check for proper use of italics and capital letters in titles of articles, journals, books
  5. Use appropriate introductory tags and page numbers to set off your quotes and paraphrases from your own writing
  6. No more than one quote or paraphrase per paragraph of writing
  7. For every paraphrase, summary, or quote, your own writing must be twice as long as the material from sources (explain, analyze, etc.)
  8. Every quote, paraphrase, or summary must open with introductory phrase using author's name followed immediately by year date in parentheses and must close with a page or paragraph number in parentheses.
  9. Do not ever just plunk down a citation at the end of a sentence or paragraph.
  10. Make sure your quote or paraphrase correlates with what you have written in the paragraph
  11. Do not cite secondary sources cited as if they were primary sources
  12. Set off your quotes and paraphrases properly so that the instructors can tell what you wrote and what you got from other sources in order avoid plagiarism
  13. DO NOT EVER MANUALLY use the enter key to double space or format hanging indent. Learn to use the MS Word formatting features
  14. DO NOT EVER MANUALLY type page headers or page numbers. Learn to use the MS Word formatting features
  15. Type the entire paper in Times New Roman 12, even page headers.
  16. Headings within the paper should be in title case, no bold or italics
  17. Title page should be double spaced, not triple or quadruple spaced, no bold, italics, or all capital letters.




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